Requirements for attending Junior Coding Club from home

Software / Apps

Use your favorite browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

You can download the school version of Minecraft from here: Download

The game requires a Microsoft student account to log in. The student account will be provided by the Coding Club administration.

I recommend Notepad++, TextMate or Atom, but there many other good options as well.

Accordion Content
Accordion Content

Computer Devices

What kind of hardware is needed?
The ability to do audio and video calls is mandatory. Click the slider to see different configurations
Lightweight and easy option
Good option for getting things done everywhere
Best performance option
Laptop and iPad
Best option for creativity and mobility
iPad and Desktop
Best option for performance and creativity
Laptop and Desktop
Best option for productivity and performance.
Dual Screen Desktop and iPad
Professional Workstation for multitasking and creativity - My favorite

If you are facing technical problems shortly before or during the activity, there is actually not much we can help in this moment. Kindly get in touch with us after the class. I’m glad to help and I know it is a difficult situation. Don’t be turned away if it just does not work 100% from the start. It is normal. It is a learning curve and your child will adapt fast. Your kid will enjoy having a project in collaboration with their peers which they can do from home, even being isolated.

Also – is it a problem if my daughter use separate device for teams and Minecraft? (i.e. you want kids to share screen)
Absolutely not, this setup would be ideal! Teams is multi-device friendly. Have your daughter logged into teams and let her join into the video conference from both the iPad and your Mac, at the same time, with the same account. Now disable one of the microphones and one of the audio outputs on the two devices. So that only one microphone and one speaker is enabled. Otherwise you will get a sound loop. With that setting your daughter can interact with the classroom in Teams on one screen and on the other screen Minecraft is in front while Teams runs in the background. If she wants to share her Minecraft screen, she can do it by changing the task to Teams and enable screen sharing, then heading back to the Minecraft task. E voilá, everyone will see her presenting and she can still see the participants.