Coding Club for Partner Schools

A 360° STEAM-Education Service for your School

Just provide a room inside your school and you will get a fully fledged STEAM oriented and state of the art Computer Technology (CT) learning experience for your students. Cooperating with a dedicated partner like Educody will give you the opportunity and flexibility to react to the constantly evolving technological landscape in educaIon.

The Junior Coding Club is an expert in taking care of teaching, curriculum and technology. A full Ime job which is usually done by a specialised senior teacher and / or IT administrator.

  • Easy Start

    Quick set up - You can start right away. Usually the implementation, planing, hiring staff, purchase and setup takes a long time (more than a year). With the Educody service you minimise common delays resulting from often lengthy traditional deployment processes.

  • Budget-friendly

    No up-front cost. No need to invest in IT, materials and specialised staff. An at costs contract gives you the flexibility needed for budget planing.

  • Included IT Management

    No need to manage IT infrastructure of the classroom, hard- and software resulting in no maintenance as well. If something gets broken and a responsible person is needed to get it fixed, Educody will take care.

  • Keep Control

    The Junior Coding Club integrates in your school and will be held inside your premisses in a proper room of your choice. We bring everything needed for the activity and customise the learning experience to your needs.

  • Trustful Partnership

    A competent partner at your side if you need help in the constantly evolving digital world.

  • Thriving Further

    Continuous improvements and developments. Improvements and steady releases of new curricular artefacts is our philosophy. With our cooperation model, you ll get all updates on the learning platform and curriculum for free.

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