Jobs and career

Very well, you are interested in working for the JuniorCodingClub? Can you imagine teaching logic and concepts of programming, robotics, design thinking and teamwork in a playful way? Children scurrying around you with great enthusiasm won’t get you out of your element? You are so good at solving problems and can teach this skill to others?
Then make yourself at home ūüėČ and get to know us as we are:

We are a group of dedicated and digital-savvy staff and freelancers with different professional backgrounds in IT, software development, gaming, digital project management, marketing, communication, social work and education.

As adults and parents, we are also interested or enthusiastic about code, nerd news, geek goodies, letsplays, mods, hacking, gaming, design, agility and all the new things and challenges that await us in the future.

We believe that … (pause) … digitalisation makes our world a better place. This makes us optimists for the future (without being euphoric ;). ¬†We believe in science and experimentation, are always curious and hungry for knowledge. That’s why we love to study, try and improve. Everything that makes sense, gives pleasure, saves resources, creates peace, positively influences, we support and push forward with a lot of commitment.