Getting startet with codeSpark Academy

With codeSpark Academy we’re learning key computer science concepts that are the foundation to any programming language. With its word-free approach, colorful characters called Foos, and creative coding space, our class is having a blast solving coding puzzles and creating games. I believe that adding codeSpark Academy to my curriculum has helped improve my students’ problem solving and creative abilities.

Get the App

Access the app on desktop at or download it via the App StoreGoogle Play Store, or Amazon.

Student Login Instructions

Once you’ve downloaded the app on your favourite device and received a classroom code from your Coding Club tutor, it’s easy to log in and get started. Just follow these instructions to learn how to code in no time.

Log Into Your codeSpark Classroom

  • Open the codeSpark Academy app.
  • Tap “Schools” in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Select “Students” on the following screen.
  • Select the “Use Classroom Code” button to type in the code handed out by your Coding Club tutor.
  •  A valid code will take you to the codeSpark Academy welcome screen. If your code doesn’t work, contact your teacher for a new code. The code is only valid for a few hours, during which time it must be entered.

Create Your Profile

  • Tap the green play button.
  • Select your real name from the list of students. If you can’t find your name, please contact your teacher.
  • Choose a profile icon. You can change this later if you change your mind.
  • Choose a fun name. This is the name classmates will see when you publish games and stories. Careful! This one’s permanent!
  • Tap the green play button to enter a whole new world of coding. Try a puzzle, explore the lessons, or create your own games and stories!
  • The music in the background can be muted in the overview screen, see below.