HowTo edit the student account and password in Microsoft 365

About the student account

Your child’s Junior Coding Club username is basically an email address composed by the first name of your child separated with a dot “.” and the first letter of the last name followed by “”.


It is a fully functional email address which is also the single sign-on (SSO) into the Microsoft Office 365 student account and other education applications.

The (secure) password

Every student starts with a generic password. The students are obliged to change their password as soon as possible with their own creation.

1. Login to the Junior Coding Club

For the login page, click here:

Type in the username / email address and you will recognise the Digitaltutor Coding Club welcome screen.

Now fill in the password.

Office 365 Education dashboard

2. Change the password

This is one of the first topics children should learn: The use of passwords and why they are important. We decided to require a strong policy about passwords even if this is a steep learning challenge for the young students. With the help of the Tutor or with the parents, children will be able to construct a secure password on a high standard soon. 

Psst ... the password must contain at least 8 characters and 3 combinations of the following: capital and lowercase letters, numbers, or special characters (§$%&...) .

Hacky Hack

Train yourself to remember at least one password that you never, repeat: NEVER ever tell someone except your parents.

Recommended password generators:

3. Change profile information

Profil information are only visible to other members of the Junior Coding Club. Add information about yourself cautiously and only if it is relevant for your class mates. 

In the My Office Profile page you can add (and edit):