Access the Junior Coding Club in Microsoft Teams

While Office 365 Education is the building of the Junior Coding Club, the rooms inside are in Microsoft Teams, the perfect application for this purpose.

The Coding Club classrooms and the school hall are inside Microsoft Teams. This is where students in classrooms and projects interact socially, have fun and work together.


Download Microsoft Teams and install the software on the devices of your child. If you use a tablet, like an iPad, you need to install MS Teams through the AppStore or the PlayStore.


Download – Link:


On iPad download Microsoft Teams from the App Store.

On Samsung tablets or any other go to the Play Store.

Do a test login into MS Teams with the login credentials above (school account). If you face a problem, write an email to us:

Join the live-online class

Login into MS Teams 15 minutes before the start of the class. From there you will be invited and guided to the videoconference room.  Just wait for an invitation message to pop up.

Start Microsoft Teams and login with the children Coding Club account. Now you will see two team rooms if you are new and three team rooms if you are a regular CC member. Choose “CC Spring Holiday Camp” and enter the top channel named “General” or “Allgemein”. Inside the channel you can connect to the video conference. If you can find it, look for a blu icon or a blue area bar with a “Join” button. Links and announcements are also in the channel.

The tutor will start the video conference usually 15 – 30 minutes before the start. That way you can login earlier, test your computer and get used to the application. The more fluent your child is with MS Teams or any other meeting app the better will be your experience.

Three important MS Teams functions your child should practise:

  1. The screen “Share” function. So your child will be able to share her screen to present something. It is also important for us teachers so we can help fixing a problem on your child’s computer.
  2. The mute button. We need to learn discipline especially in online meetings and avoid distraction from noise through all those microphones connected. The default setting for a students should be being on mute. In MS Teams, responsibility about being muted or not lies sorely by the participants (the students). They need to learn this responsibility. If a student wants to say something in a large group they should post a message (teacher will read) and wait for their call. In small groups it is ok if the students unmute themselves (they are allowed to unmute) and raise their voice cautiously.
  3. Finding the way back from the video screen back to the message postings. The message posts or board in the general channel are filled with links where links guide the students to learning resources on other websites.

b) Download and install Microsoft Teams

Direct access to classroom

I know what to do. I have the Junior Coding Club student account and password.
Members only